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The Finder (Wolves of the Northwoods, Book 1)

Emersyn’s heart was shattered when her father died when she was just twelve years old. If that weren’t enough, her mother married a man less than twelve months later, bringing her cruel step-brother into her life. (Click the button to find out more.)

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The Dreamer (Wolves of the Northwoods, Book 2)

From an outside perspective, Talya’s got it all—loving grandparents, a doting boyfriend, looks, and popularity. But things aren’t always as they seem. Coming May 31, 2021 (Click button to find out more.)

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Red Rose Rising (True Marks Series, Book 1)

Zalia's world was destroyed in an instant, her family and kingdom ripped away from her. She survives only because of the mysterious dark prince who saves her. (Click the button to find out more.)

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Courses Clashing (True Marks Series, Book 2)

She’s an assassin, guilty of death. He’s tasked with bringing her to justice. When Gwin turns eighteen, she is shocked to discover... (Click button to find out more.)

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Hope Dawning (True Marks Series, Book 3)

When Raven’s eighteenth birthday comes and goes and no true marks appear, she is devastated. She barely has time to process her emotions before she is kidnapped. (Click button to find out more.)


Allies Ascending (True Marks Series, Book 4)

She’s an orphan that knows nothing about the world she’s being thrown into. He’s a powerful King and in charge of training her for the upcoming war. (Click button to find out more.)

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Christmas in Cascadia (True Marks Series, Book 5)

It’s been a year since the war, and the first-borns are looking forward to spending Christmas together in Cascadia.  (Click button to find out more.)


Darken the Trux

Ameris is a feisty servant. Darian is a deadly Assassin. Somehow, they need to work together to survive the Trux. Every fifty years, the reigning king invokes the King’s Challenge. (Click the button to find out more)


Defy the Tyrant

Ameris is on the run, unsure of what to do next. When two clan members from the Sicario Clan show up and offer to keep her safe, she decides to take them up on it. They take her to Sicario Clan territory, but staying with the clan doesn’t make things easier. (click the button to find out more)


Defend the Throne

On the one hand, everything has changed for Ameris; on the other hand, nothing has changed. She’s moving forward with the plan that’s been in motion since she was a little girl. The Sicario Clan stands at Ameris’ side as they prepare for what’s coming. Together, this group of rebels will take back their kingdom from the hands of a tyrant. (click the button to find out more)

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