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See what people are saying about A.J. Manney

Can't wait to read more ...

Loooove this book, I can barely put it down. It's very well written and pulls you in with the perfect amount of detail to picture what's going on. (Amazon 5 Star Review)

Must Read...

If you like a thriller, strong characters, some romance, and looking for what happens next this is a book for you. From the very beginning till the last page the author, Amanda keeps you wanting to see what will happen next. Anxiously awaiting the next book. (Amazon 5 Star Review)

What a great book!!!

This was an awesome book!!! Couldnt put it down until I finished it!!! Finished it in 4 hours!!! I cant wait to read the next one!!! Ty so much for offering this free on kindle!!! (Amazon 5 Star Review)

Reviews: Press
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